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Ok, so I’m ,like, 4 days late in writing this but I was sick so yeah XD


Anyways, this was my most fun comic con visit yet. I went together with my friend :iconkoyukimori: and her sister. :iconkoyukimori:  cosplayed as Sinon from SAOII again (the first time was on Free comic book day) for the con while I cosplayed as Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. I was really excited since it was my first time cosplaying. A friend of my mother’s offered to make the dress for us and it turned out beautiful. The wig was a pain to get but I was able to find a decent one just 2 days before XD


The con this year was sold out for the first time ever and they even let people a lot earlier because of this. Luckily, we all got up extra early (4:00 AM )to travel there and avoided the line which got really long  later.


The con also had more cosplayers than ever before. Heck, almost every person attending had a costume on it was awesome. Although, there was an unusally high number of Harley Quinn and Kaneki (from Tokyo Ghoul) cosplays there. There were also several Deadpool cosplayers and most of them were pretty wacky. There was a stereotypical Mexican one with a sombrero, Poncho and mustache, a chef one, a nurse one and even one dressed like a little girl :laughing:


As for my cosplay, a lot of people loved it. The first person that saw it was a girl and she was like “Oh my god, it’s Rose!” then she excitedly took a picture and told me “You look absolutely beautiful. The dress is stunning and your cosplay is amazing”. I’ve never felt so flattered in my life :iconblushplz:


I also found several people cosplaying as characters from Steven Universe. There was Pearl, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Lapis Lazulis and about 4-5 Stevens. One of them got in character and screamed “MOM!” when he saw me. We even hugged so people could take pictures :giggle:


But it was my friend’s  :iconkoyukimori:’s cosplay that stole the show. People loved it and there was a person asking for a picture every 3 seconds. The poor girl could barely walk around and wasn’t able to take a good look at any of the booths. Even when we were heading out there were several people that stopped her to take a picture of her or with her ^^;


Jason Momoa and Troy Baker were there but I wasn’t able to get an autograph or photo since they were both too expensive. Shame but, oh well :shrug: I wasn’t really bothered by it that much :)

Anyway, we checked several of the booths, listened to a panel, saw a bus filled with people playing videogames competitively, saw a bit of a videogame fighting tournament, rested for a while and ate some sandwiches that :iconkoyukimori: and her sister brought because and good toobecause the food there was way too expensive. I mean, 7$ dollars for a mini pizza the size of my hand? Seriously?


Overall, the con was awesome and we’re definitely going to the next one. My mom even wants to see if we can all stay at a hotel and buy a pass for all 3 days. She’s even going to see if she can cosplay herself and see if she can get my dad to cosplay as Magneto :giggle:


And that, ladies and gentleman, was my Comic Con experience. I took a lot of pictures and I’ll probably be uploading a few over the course of the next several days. I’ll only focus on my most favorite ones to make things a bit easier for all of us and of course I’ll be posting a picture of me and :iconkoyukimori: first.


Good night guys! :wave:


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